NYUAD Open Studios

The entire NYUAD Arts Department opens their doors to the public on this intense evening of Works-In-Progress

My participation was both logistical, helping to prepare and organise the events, as well as creative, showcasing some projects in progress.

In 2016 Lecturer Pierre Depaz and I set up a live greenscreen studio that was broadcast around the campus to entice people to come in to the Arts Center and experience the event. For the finale of Open Studios, I developed a web-based app that would flash the screen and flashlight of a smartphone in different patterns that the dancers could control. With everyone gathered outside we pumped the music, launched the drone, and had a great collaborative dance party!

In 2017 I collaborated with the fabrication instructor, Dustin Foster, to create a neopixelled advertising board, I helped to laser cut and engrave a series of cardboard and paper animal masks, and I created a projection mapped audio visualiser that enveloped the outdoor dance arena.

Watch the 2016 dance party here.
Watch the 2017 dance party here.