100 Days of Making

Since early 2019 I have been a strong advocate and practitioner of the ‘100 days of making’ movement, in which one chooses a theme and creates something new each day along that theme for 100 days. It is a practice that develops strong habits, liberates from artistic blocks, and improves creative confidence.

100 Days of Nature

Exploring natural phenomena one day at a time, in Unity, Blender, and Unreal Engine. See the full archive on Instagram

100 Days of Unity Sketches

Each day for 100 days I explored a new mechanic, simulation, or effect in Unity. View on Instagram for more detailed descriptions of each day

100 Days of Spaceships in Blender

Each day for 100 days I modelled or animated a spaceship concept in Blender. View on Instagram for detailed descriptions of each day.

VFX for Beshken

For the music video Beshken ambitious director Matthew Cohen required a burning shed. The flames were generated in Cinema4D with Turbulence FX, and the shot was composited in After Effects.

Ethnic Best Friend

Role: Director & Cinematographer

Ethnic Best Friend is a webseries about the intersections of friendship and mentorship among women of color in white, male dominated environments. Our series follows two characters: Natalia is a Colombian actress, trying to find success as an artist while coming to terms with what her race means for her art, and Yuki is a half-white Taiwanese-American teacher, learning about her own racial privilege.

Formally, our series attempts to embody the web-ness of a web series. Using video chat as a key creative constraint, we want to play with distance, split screens, and side-by-side contrasts in space, place, and context. The characters often talk to each other over web chat, and part of the conceit of the show is to make the frame of the series fit more seamlessly into the frame of the computer screen.

EBF Site and more info



Role: Writer, Director, Editor, & VFX

An exploration of loneliness, forgiveness, and the importance of human companionship.

Rescue is a film that explores three connected themes, all revolving around the central idea of loss; loss of people, loss of place, loss of the familiar.

The first, most critical theme highlights the importance of forgiveness. The second theme challenges immobility as a result of getting stuck in a traumatic past. The third theme concerns the importance of having human company; loneliness is mere existence, companionship and community is life.