100 Days of Spaceships

Partially as part of a class and partially for my own development/amusement, I am currently doing a ‘100 Days of Making’ challenge. Each day I must make something new. I have chosen spaceships. One day I create a new 3d model of a spaceship, the next I animate it. View on Instagram

Generally Playful

I have started to document the more everyday nature of my tinkerings on a blog of sorts.

Save Dave

Save Dave is a twitter-based collaborative maze solving experience.


A drawing robot made from CD Drives

The Lightstick

A series of long-exposure photographs incorporating interactive light.

NYUAD Open Studios

A live chroma keying broadcasting experience, laser cut masks, flashy signs, and a building-sized audio visualiser for NYUAD Open Studios.

ITP Camp 2017

Workshops I led at ITP Camp

Now That The Streets Have Names

A satirical Augmented Reality tour through the streets of Yafo guided by a fictional former lieutenant.