Overview was my Thesis project at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, 2020. What does a collection of stories about isolation and social distancing look like? What do we gain when we experience those stories from a cosmic perspective? Experience the project here

100 Days of Making

Since early 2019 I have been a strong advocate and practitioner of the ‘100 days of making’ movement, in which one chooses a theme and creates something new each day along that theme for 100 days. It is a practice that develops strong habits, liberates from artistic blocks, and improves creative confidence.

XR Sketches

Various sketches in AR & VR


Waves is a meditative VR sound generation experience. Experiencers are able to morph a grid around them, which becomes a musical instrument of infinite possibilities.


Rising is an underwater exploration game. The apparent goal of the game is to reach the water’s surface. Along the way, monsters made out of trash weigh the player down.

Hardware Sketches

Pushing electrons through stuff.


Blenduino is an almost-plug-and-play addon for Blender that facilitates easy access to a Serial data stream. Bringing information from the physical world into a virtual 3D environment has many potential applications, from experimental new interfaces for 3D modelling and animation to immersive interactive experiences that blend the real and the virtual.

Generally Playful

A collection of my more everyday tinkerings on a blog. Also contains class assignments done during my time at ITP

Save Dave

Save Dave is a twitter-based collaborative maze solving experience.

NYUAD Open Studios

A live chroma keying broadcasting experience, laser cut masks, flashy signs, and a building-sized audio visualiser for NYUAD Open Studios.

ITP Camp 2017

Workshops I led at ITP Camp

Now That The Streets Have Names

A satirical Augmented Reality tour through the streets of Yafo guided by a fictional former lieutenant.