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Stories have been told since before recorded history began. Audiences have laughed and cried and identified since humankind could first emote.

Accessible modern technology is changing the landscape of storytelling. Video games allow players to take control of their narrative. Interactive theatre gives audience participation a whole new meaning. Virtual Realities immerse audiences in ways inconceivable mere decades ago.

How will we use these tools to forge new narratives and enhance old ones?

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Narrative Interaction
Creating the Impossible

Creating the Impossible

Since the birth of photography over a century ago, storytellers have been using tricks, illusions, and effects to transport audiences to impossible worlds. The power of compelling visual effects spans from actualising epic fantasies all the way down to saving that one important shot with the accidental boom in it.

I have over five years’ experience bringing indie filmmaker’s dreams to life. Get it touch if you’d like to realise your vision.

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